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Anyone looking for videogame information, being hardcore gamers or not, is going to find what they’re looking for on playNOmore. The site offers what no other site on the country has, with the latest game reviews, the most up to date news, a special emphasis on the local industry and a lot of unique options that were thought and created to promote users’ active participation.

Here in playNOmore we guarantee you that our publishers are going to be promoted in any event and appointment that warrants a nomination, because we want you to obtain the greatest benefit for betting on our website.

  • A

    Upper Central Advertising

    Width: 940px - Height: 70px

    This advertising space grabs the attention of all the users who go into the site since it’s in plain view in our portal. If you’re looking for the most amount of publicity, this model may be the most useful for you. Reserve space »

  • B

    Upper right column advertising

    Width: 270px - Height: 350px (aprox.)

    If what you’re looking for is to be on all the pages that the user is going to see while they’re surfing on the site, this is without a doubt the advertising space you’re looking for. Besides, it’ll be the first in sight. Reserve space »

  • C

    Small right column advertising 1

    Width: 270px - Height: 350px (aprox.)

    Unlike the Upper right column advertising, with this one you get to choose the ammount of space for your advertising, since this banner will have the measurements of your liking. Reserve space »

  • D

    Small right columnd advertising 2

    Width: 270px - Height: 350px (aprox.)

    In our right column we give the posibility for anyone to advertise themselves, to that end this advertising space is going to give all the possible benefits, since it will follow the user all around the site. Reserve space »

  • E

    Lower advertising

    Width: 940px - Height: 100px

    If what you’re looking for is strong publicity, there’s no better space to sign that the lower advertising. This one, along with the upper advertising and the background image, can make a lasting impact on the user. Reserve space »

  • F

    Background image

    One of the quintessential spaces to display an advertising. You can sign up this space, and surely get the attention of the user. Reserve space »

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